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Hello ELC Family,

This week we celebrated Christ's resurrection. There was so much hunger in the room as we worshipped and celebrated the resurrection of our Lord. The church was not only packed out with people, but the manifest presence was tangible. 

Amanda and the worship team are doing a fantastic job facilitating an environment that releases freedom and breakthrough.   Let her know how great she is doing when you see her. Encouragement and appreciation are vital to those who serve. 

This week a gentleman surrendered his life to Jesus during altar ministry, and four people got baptized. The room was electric as we celebrated new believers joining the family of God.  

Corey and Camrie are doing great with the junior high age kids.   They always go all in during the Easter egg hunt. We are so grateful to have such faithful leaders serving our kids.  

I am continuing my series on The Person, Work, and Ministry of the Holy Spirit. This week I will be teaching The Healing Power of Gratitude.   I want to encourage you to make it to the in-person service. As much as we value online, nothing compares to gathering together as a family on a Sunday.  

Look forward to when we gather again!
Richest blessings,
Ivan Roman & Erica Roman