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Hey Empowered Life fam,

I am still buzzing from this week. Wednesday’s Encounter night was incredible. God gave me a message that I still can’t shake, Awakening the Church in a Woke Culture. Our team ministered to everyone in the service, and no one wanted to leave. I received one testimony from an individual who received prayer and woke up without pain!! God is on the move in a big way.  

The face of Empowered Life church is changing. God is bringing us young families, and new believer’s in Christ who are hungry to know God. It’s an exciting time.  

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing God’s desire to heal the whole person. Some of the pain we carry is connected to emotional pain. Please agree with me that Empowered Life would fulfill the prophetic words spoken over us that we would be a healing center for the valley.

Easter service is right around the corner, April 17; Please invite your friends to meet Jesus and be baptized. Let’s give Jesus the full reward for His sufferings. 

Richest blessings,
Ivan Roman