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Hey Empowered Life Fam,

We are so excited to be hosting Harold Eberle this weekend.  Harold Eberle’s books are presently being used in bible colleges and ministry schools all over the world.   There is still time to register for Saturday's workshop with Harold.  You can register online at  

Quick update on what God is doing at ELC:

   •   Three individuals testified of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit this week!
   •    Fusion Youth has raised $1500.00, enough money for four youth to attend camp.           Thank you for donating.  We still need to reach our goal of 5,000 by June 25th.  We can do this! 
    •    Activate Group led by Charity Williams is equipping her group to flow in prophetic ministry through art.  Lots of encouraging testimonies.
    •    Testimonies are still flowing in from the outreach in Ashland with Leah Brown’s group.

This summer we are launching our Women’s group with Amanda Bateman.  It’s going to be awesome!  Men’s breakfast is still meeting the first Saturday of the month.  
There are plenty of ways to stay connected at ELC.  If you need help finding a group please email us. 

Reminder, please make all church inquiries via email to or call at (541) 897-0411 for anything church-related. 
Richest blessings!!
Ivan & Erica Roman