What is Immanuel Prayer?

Immanuel Prayer is a tool we use at Empowered Life Center to intimately connect with Jesus. Our goal is to find our way back to Him as our source of grace, peace, joy, and freedom. Immanuel means God with us”, and this promise is the foundation for all that happens in an Immanuel Prayer session.

Immanuel Prayer is also a tool to help us develop a lifestyle of abiding with Jesus daily. We learn how to see Him, hear Him, and to walk with Him as our intimate friend.

We have several trained coaches ready to help you learn how to abide intimately with Jesus. Empowered Life coaching sessions are available in three, four-month coaching modules per year. The modules are January- April, May-August, and September- December. During the module, you will meet with your coach two times per month.

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